Average Cost of College Per Year


FAO's call it "Cost of Attendance", parents call it "Sticker Shock".

The cost to go away to college, in our example,  includes:  tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies.

Public College "In State" - $20,000

Public College "Out of State" - $32,000

Private Colleges - $40,000 - $60,000


$20,000, $32,000, $40,000, $60,000

Even if you receive a 25%  Financial Aid Package, you are still looking at 

$60,000, $96,000, $120,000, $180,000 after 4 year.  Keep in mind, most students are taking 5 years to graduate.

Step 1 - Professional Student Profile


Professional Student Profile

The CPI Student Profile identifies the student with the college's Financial Aid Officer (FAO), Admissions Officer (AO), and the college coaches if the student wishes to play a sport.

The information on the profile gives each department of the college all of the necessary facts to begin the recruiting and admission process.

Each college receiving this profile will respond by contacting the student either by postage mail, phone call and/or email.

All coaches who show an interest will contact you via their coaching staff or personally.  This is when you will know which coaches' recruiting lists the student-athlete is on and which coaches may request more information. 

Every student and family working with CPI, starts by filling out the student questionnaire.  With this information, CPI generates your professional profile.  All information provided to CPI is verified.  This is a vital step in promoting and exposing your talents and skills to the colleges who entertain your desire to attend their school. Your personality, desire, enthusiasm, involvement in extra-curricular activities, etc. will be the key component to scholarships and financial aid.

The CPI athletic and academic profiles has years of proven success on the importance of exposure to FAO's, AO's and college coaches.

Step 2 - Student College Matching


Student College Matching

Each CPI college bound student is electronically matched to at least thirty colleges and or universities in five states of the student's choice.

The CPI Match is based on the information provided by your CPI Student Questionnaire.  This is a vital part of our program.  It will truly match you, the student , to the right colleges and universities that are right for you and what you want for your future.

Each student will be matched according to majors - (3 choices), GPA, SAT & ACT scores, how far away from home, 5 states of their choice, religious affiliation, large, medium or small school, cost, etc.

Step 3 - College Letters


College Letters

All the colleges and universities matched to the student will receive a letter, along with the student profile requesting information on the following:  majors offered, application, financial aid, scholarships, grants, employment, admission requirements, student surveys, cost of admission and a contact person at the colleges and/or universities.

ACADEMIC STUDENTS have their profile and letter along with any recommendation letters sent to the financial aid officer.

ATHLETIC STUDENTS will have their profile and letter, along with any recommendation letters sent to the financial aid officer and also directly to the head coach.


Step 4 - The CPI College Solution Book


The College Solution Book

The CPI College Solution Book consists of everything the student has to do from the first month of their Junior year to the last month of their Senior year.

This book contains vital information on SAT, ACT, essays, letters of recommendation, the interviews, negotiations, financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans and how to work with admission officers, financial aid officers, and coaches.

This book consists of twenty important topics that you need to understand.

Step 5 - Scholarship Disc and NCAA Booklet


Scholarship Disc and NCAA Booklet

The CPI Scholarship Disc is your personal resource in applying for scholarships.  It provides simple information on legitimate scholarships. You should start immediately using the CPI Scholarship Disc.

CPI's college bound students have a lot of success with this disc.  You will learn how to apply for scholarships as well as when the deadline dates are and when you need to apply.  Start working with your CPI Scholarship Disc as soon as possible.

ATHLETES will also receive the NCAA Rules & Regulation Booklet.  This booklet explains the rules and regulations and the process to obtain your NCAA eligibility. You will learn academic eligibility requirements, SAT & ACT requirements, core courses for participation, how registration works, questions to ask coaches, how recruiting works and rules and regulations.