Academic Student

Course Selection


An academic student is a member of a future college of higher education.  The academic student seeks and receives guidance with academic planning and course selection from an assigned college advisor.  A common early goal for an academic student is to identify a program and a course of study.

Cost of College


What is most important to all college bound students, is the cost of college.  They all have the same goal.  Find the best college for the least amount of money out of pocket. 

Profile Exposure to FAOs


Your first step as an academic student is to have the FAOs of colleges know who you are and you're interested in their college.  Begin with your professional academic student profile.  CPI will generate a professional academic student profile which leads to scholarships, grants, endowments and financial aid.  Your profile identifies the academic student and begins the college process with you and the college FAO.



Please review all three options offered by College Profiles International, Inc. 

Each option begins the college process of your search of a college education.

Our Goal


Our goal is the same as your goal; find a college of your choice for the least amount of money possible.