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College Profiles International, Inc. is an organization of certified college agents, representatives and college life coaches.

Our College services are created and published to help and guide students and parents to understand the college process.

CPI’s goal is the same as the student’s and parent’s goal.

This goal is to attend a college of your choice as an academic student or athletic student for the least amount of money possible.

Parents & students are overwhelmed by college admission & the enormous cost of a college education.

Most mom & dads look at the cost to attend college as “Sticker Shock”!

The Financial Aid Officers look at the cost to attend college simply as “Cost of Attendance”!

Students and parents do not understand the college process.  

Listed are some of the top questions students and parents need to know.

CPI will answer these questions as well as many more to make your search for a higher education an enjoyable and stress-free experience.


  • Do you know the average grades for incoming freshmen at the colleges you are interested in?
  • Where does a student receive the most financial aid?
  • Do you know how important extra-curricular activities are for college admission?
  • Do you understand endowments?
  • Do you know how important the SAT and ACT testings are?  Do you know how many times you can take each test?  Do you understand the scoring of each test?
  • Do you understand the importance of recommendation letters?   Choosing a major?   Completing essays?
  • Do you know how to work with the FAOs and college coaches?
  • Do you understand how FAFSA and EFC works?
  • What does COA mean?
  • Do you understand the college application process?
  •  Do you know how athletic scholarships work? Academic Scholarships?
  • Do you know how to create exposure and promote athletic skills and  talent to college coaches?
  • How does an academic student get the attention of college FAOs?
  • Do you know the NCAA rules for eligibility? 


The importance of educating the students and parent(s) to know the answer to the above questions is the reason why CPI was started in 1994.

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