Do You Want a College Athletic Scholarship?

Talented Athletes Needed!

  College coaches from Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO schools are searching for talented athletes every day and awarding athletic scholarships. If you want to connect with college coaches, it is vital to have a professional recruiting profile.


Are you on the coaches recruiting list?

How many really good athletes do you know who did not receive an athletic scholarship and quit their favorite sport after high school? There are thousands of good athletes in the USA who should have been awarded an athletic scholarship. Their dream of playing at the collegiate level was gone after high school. The major problem was exposure. College coaches did not know about them. The college coaches need to know your talent and skills. You also need to know about the college, coach and the athletic and academic programs. 

Showcases & Camps

You must be sure the college and coaches are a good fit for you. You cannot just choose 1, 2, or 3 college sport camps or showcases and pay $200 - $400 to attend and think you have done enough. You cannot sit at home waiting for a college coach to call you. 

You also need to know if the college coach has scholarship money available for your freshman year and if the college coach is searching for your position. Remember many showcases and camps are profitable events for the college teams. Yes, some athletes are recruited from camps and showcases, but do not rely on just showcases and camps for exposure.

You need a professionally generated athletic profile to begin the process to be on a college coach's recruiting list.

Are Your Talents Exposed?

For the majority of college sports, coaches can begin calling recruits starting September 1 of their junior year of high school. Before a college coach calls you, he/she must know who you are, your talent & skills, statistics, your GPA, and test scores. Your professionally generated profile answers all the coach’s questions and starts the recruiting process.

As an athlete, wanting to play at the collegiate level, you must know how to talk with a college coach. Our College Solution Course will help in this area and answer many more questions.

Get Matched

Have you ever thought about being matched to the right college?  A college match is an important part of CPI’s service. You will spend 4-5 years at the college you choose. You need to make sure you choose the right college and the right college coach.

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself…..


Do You Have a Plan of Action?

CPI will help you create a plan of action. CPI with their services offers you options to choose from and will help you accomplish your goal of an athletic scholarship.

Please review the three options offered by CPI.