Do You Want a College Athletic Scholarship?

Talented Athletes Needed!

  College coaches from Division I, II, III, NAIA, and JUCO schools are searching for talented athletes every day and awarding athletic scholarships. If you want to connect with college coaches, it is vital to have a professional recruiting profile.


Are you on the coaches recruiting list?

How many really good athletes do you know who did not receive an athletic scholarship and quit their favorite sport after high school? There are thousands of good athletes in the USA who should have been awarded an athletic scholarship. Their dream of playing at the collegiate level was gone after high school. The major problem was exposure. College coaches did not know about them. The college coaches need to know your talent and skills. You also need to know about the college, coach and the athletic and academic programs. 

Showcases & Camps

You must be sure the college and coaches are a good fit for you. You cannot just choose 1, 2, or 3 college sport camps or showcases and pay $200 - $400 to attend and think you have done enough. You cannot sit at home waiting for a college coach to call you. 

You also need to know if the college coach has scholarship money available for your freshman year and if the college coach is searching for your position. Remember many showcases and camps are profitable events for the college teams. Yes, some athletes are recruited from camps and showcases, but do not rely on just showcases and camps for exposure.

You need a professionally generated athletic profile to begin the process to be on a college coach's recruiting list.

Are Your Talents Exposed?

For the majority of college sports, coaches can begin calling recruits starting September 1 of their junior year of high school. Before a college coach calls you, he/she must know who you are, your talent & skills, statistics, your GPA, and test scores. Your professionally generated profile answers all the coach’s questions and starts the recruiting process.

As an athlete, wanting to play at the collegiate level, you must know how to talk with a college coach. Our College Solution Course will help in this area and answer many more questions.

Get Matched

Have you ever thought about being matched to the right college?  A college match is an important part of CPI’s service. You will spend 4-5 years at the college you choose. You need to make sure you choose the right college and the right college coach.

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself…..


Do You Have a Plan of Action?

CPI will help you create a plan of action. CPI with their services offers you options to choose from and will help you accomplish your goal of an athletic scholarship.

Please review the three options offered by CPI. 

Ten Key Facts-Student Athletes Need to Know


Fact 1

An athletic scholarship is typically a one year agreement.  There are a few athletes who receive a four year agreement.  It is very rare to see college coaches offer a four year scholarship.  It is up to the coach to renew a scholarship every year.

Fact 2

NCAA Division I and Division II have been allowed by the NCAA a certain number of scholarships.  All NCAA colleges and coaches must follow the allowed number of scholarships to offer.  Most college coaches will offer players a partial athletic scholarship.  College coaches will divide the amount of scholarship money among his team roster.

Fact 3

Athletic students need to know what "redshirt" means to a recruited athletic student. "Redshirt" simply means the college coach wants the athlete to prepare for college competition or because the athlete is recovering from an injury or as a freshman you did not meet academic eligibility requirements.  The athlete will still keep their athletic scholarship and practice and train with his team but will not be permitted to play in any games.  "Redshirt" will still allow the athlete four years to compete at the college level.  It allows the athlete to take five years to graduate.  You also should know the average college student takes five years to graduate.

Fact 4

College coaches will help athletic students who the coaches want on their team roster with other scholarships and financial aid from the college.  College coaches are very aware and up to date on the entire college process.

Fact 5

A verbal commitment is meaningless.  There is NO Guarantee that an athletic student who verbally commits to a college coach will receive an athletic scholarship.  A college coach can change his/her mind about a prospect.

Fact 6

The number one reason most athletes do not get recruited or offered an athletic scholarship is the Lack of Exposure.  College coaches need to know who you are. Do not just sit and wait for college coaches to find you.  Too many good student athletes end their athletic career in high school due to the lack of exposure to college coaches.         


Fact 7

Most important to every student-athlete is finding the right college.  As a student-athlete, you will spend 4 - 5 years at your chosen college to earn your degree.  As of 2018, there are 350 Division I, 309 Division II and 451 Division III colleges across 49 states.

How do you know which college is best for you and which offer scholarships for your sport?

You need to find the right college at the right location for the right price of admission. Every student-athlete needs a precise college Match.  Your Match must consist of the following:

1.  college location                             8.   Div. I, Div. II , Div. III, NAIA and JUCO

2.  classroom size                              9.  live on or off campus

3.  small, medium or large college    10.  cost of admission

4.  major (choice of 3)                       11.  any special interest

5.  average GPA for freshmen          12.  religious affiliation

6.  average SAT/ACT scores            13.  cars allowed on campus

7.  sports offered

Fact 6 & 7 are covered by CPI Steps 1 & 2.   A professional student profile (Step 1) sent to 30 colleges and coaches, in a 5 state area, from your college Match (Step 2).

Fact 8

Student-athletes and parents need to know how the college process works.  The college process consist of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), EFC (Expected Family Contribution), NCAA Eligibility, financial aid, student loans, grants, endowments, applying for admission and so much more.  You will spend 50-100 hours trying to understand the college process sitting at a computer.  CPI Step 4 is a College Solution Book that teaches and explains in detail the college process.  Every student-athlete and their parents need to know what to ask and what to say when talking to college FAOs (Financial Aid Officers) and college coaches.  You must know how financial aid works, how loans work and how grants work.

Fact 9

Student college debt can easily be $26,000 - $100,000 after graduation.  An athletic scholarship combined with an academic scholarship will be a huge financial help. There are also Private Scholarships available.  Be careful searching the web for private scholarships.  Many scholarships turn out to be bogus.  CPI Step 5 will give you the legitimate, secure websites who offer every student the opportunity to apply.  Many students, over the years, have qualified or have been awarded private scholarships. 

Fact 10

A letter requesting information or certain colleges is important for learning about the college scholarships, grants, endowments, and financial aid available.  Plus a letter requesting information about the college coaches' athletic program, showcases and camps will become a huge value to the student athlete.  CPI - Step 3 connects the student athlete to financial aid officers and the college coaches from your college Match, CPI Step 2.

You just reviewed the ten key facts all student-athletes and parents need to know.  Now review the CPI -  Five Step program.

Our goal at CPI is the same goals as the student athlete and parents.  The goal is to find the right college, right location and the right price tag.  

Call CPI's Home Office to talk with a college agent to answer any of your questions or book and appointment.

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