College Life Coach Opportunity

Opportunity to Become an Independent College Life Coach is Available for You.

  • Work with (CPI) College International, Inc. and (AAG) Above Average Group as an entrepreneur and an independent college life coach.
  • Create your own schedule and choose the amount of hours you want to work.
  • All college life coaches must complete our training program and examination to become a certified college life coach.  Every college life coach receives a certified professional certificate. (Training is conducted in your home and online at your pace.)
  • There are thousands of high school students, moms and dads in every city who need help learning the college process.
  • You can easily become a certified college life coach and be the expert on the college process.
  • Our training will give you all the necessary steps to become a successful college life coach with ongoing support and help. (We will show you exactly how to earn $30,000+ a year part-time and $70,000+ a year full-time.

Please contact us at 1-800-360-7107 or email at

If you answer"yes" to the following questions, you would be a great college life coach.

1.  Would you feel a fulfillment in your life helping students, mom and dad's find a   

     college of their choice for the least amount of money possible?

2.  Do you believe students, moms and dad's need help with the college process, 

     exposure to FAOs and college coaches, scholarships, grants, endowments and 

     financial aid?

3.  Do you have good communication skills?

4. Would you be interested in working as an independent entrepreneur?

5. Are you willing and able to go through training, at your own pace, to become 

    certified and specialize in the college process?


Become a College Life Coach

If you are interested in becoming an AAG College Life Coach and would like 

more detailed information, please contact us at: