Do Not Overdose on "College Debt."

Parents Need to Understand Federal Plus Loans

Federal Plus Loans help parents pay for college.   It is easy to borrow without thorough credit checks or proof that you can repay.  It is difficult to erase education debt.  It takes years to pay back.

Families must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for freshmen students and every year thereafter with their financial information.  This information every year will determine eligibility for financial aid, federally subsidized grants, loans, and other sources of financial aid.  FAFSA is the first step in paying for college.   The college your son/daughter attends will request your FAFSA every year.

College debt for students is out of control in the USA.   College debt is larger than credit card debt. Students and families must understand their financial options, loan descriptions, how FAFSA works and how and when to apply for scholarships and grants.  CPI created and published their College Solution Book and Course to help students and families answer their questions and learn how the college process works. 

CPI, College Profiles International, Inc. offers three options for students and parents.

Remember, CPI has the same goal as students and parents.  This goal is to attend the college of your choice for the least amount of money.